Hi ALL!! This blog is about the challenges and joys of life for those over 50 years of age. I retired after working over three decades in the criminal justice system. In this role I met many thousands of people in prison, the Courts and community from all walks of life who suffered challenges that were not always borne of the best choices. It seems to me we are not so dissimilar from these folks and with a little bad luck, poor decisions, or being in the wrong place, we could be standing in their shoes. I plan to write monthly instalments of short stories about life, challenges and articles that may help us better our lives. The stories will, hopefully, be presented with humour and honesty as we are all human and life does not always proceed as planned….at least in my world. The articles are tips on life such as health, exercise, movies, books, and whatever may be of interest or assistance to our generation.  I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful. Comments are most welcome that may help me improve my content. Thanks for coming. Ron